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We work for you. Plain and simple. The only interests that we serve are our clients. Our process is transparent. You will know what you are paying for and why. You will not be bombarded with industry lingo. You will not be told that your love is directly proportional to the amount of money you spend on your piece of custom jewellery.

We work hard to provide our clients with exceptional quality custom jewellery pieces using the best possible materials while keeping in mind what is most important to you. You are our boss after all! You will participate in each step of the process and, by the time it’s finished, you’ll leave knowing everything about your piece. It truly is a collaboration.

For more than 15 years we’ve had the honour of being your Toronto jeweller, participating in our client’s life events creating future heirlooms and special pieces. The training that we received at George Brown College allows us to create beautiful jewellery but it is the relationships that we build with our clients, the stories that go into these pieces, that infuses them with their true value.

Designers. Goldsmiths. Your Custom Toronto Jeweller.

Our clients trust us to provide honest answers to their custom jewellery questions.

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I have some old pieces of jewellery hanging around that I’ve been meaning to re-use to make something new. I just haven’t had the chance to do it yet – can someone help!?”

“This is my first large jewellery purchase and I’m worried that a sales person will try to pressure me. I need someone who will take the time to explain everything to me with no pressure and give me options for my budget.”

“It’s really important to me to make ethical choices when making my jewellery piece and I need to find someone with the expertise to help guide me through the options.”

“I really want to make a unique piece of custom jewellery but I’m not sure I can afford it. Can I create a custom piece with a smaller budget?”

When making an investment in a significant piece of jewellery it’s important to speak to a jewellery professional. Someone who has training, years of experience and is an expert in their field.

So now you know all about the spirit of production but what about the actual production, how does that work?

You will find out the specifics in our custom jewellery process and re-use old jewellery sections.

Happy researching friends!

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