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Awards Season is Here Again

Awards Season is Here Again
January 7, 2015 Suzanne Crudden
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What? The Golden Globes are this Sunday? Already?

Yes…it’s awards season. Somehow it always feels to me as if I just watched them yesterday and all of a sudden they’re here again. Now, I’m not usually one to closely monitor what celebrities are wearing  but I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a red carpet. Beautiful people in beautiful dresses – and those jewels!!! Given the price tag and glamour of some of these pieces, it’s not often that they will see the light of day. Having recently visited the Crown Jewels in London I had a similar thought. While magnificent, breathtaking even, it’s a shame that they don’t get to be seen more. And why shouldn’t us mere mortals have a chance to wear something that makes us feel like royalty? That was the idea behind my ‘Regalia’ line. Inspired by opulent, sumptuous jewels of ages past and present these pieces are meant to create a impact without the a corresponding impactful price tag.



Personally, I don’t have the occassion to wear large, eye catching necklaces very often but when you need one, you need one. A few years back I wore one of them to the closing of TIFF. Since having my little boy I’ve found fewer and fewer occassions when I need an impact necklace like this one. But hey, when the occassion comes, I’ll be ready!

All of the Regalia pieces are blingy yet subtle. Subtle bling. And even better, all of them are completely affordable.

So bring on the awards season. Even if I’m sitting on my couch watching from afar, at least I have a necklace that would look just as good up there:)