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Banishing Boring Birthstone Jewellery

Banishing Boring Birthstone Jewellery
August 6, 2014 Suzanne Crudden

It’s August. And August in my family means birthdays, birthdays and yet more birthdays. Which got me to thinking about birthstone jewellery. Traditionally what you would have is your classic ‘pendant’, ‘earring’, ‘ring’ set for each month, all cookie-cutter-like choices. Often, especially if the item is less expensive, the ‘birthstones’ in these pieces would not even be a genuine birthstone but a synethetic imitation.

So why not bust out of the boring birthstone jewellery mold? This is exactly what I set out to do using some fun, unusual and beautiful genuine birthstone material. This will be an ongoing mission, I’m sure. But I thought I would share a few pieces that I’ve come up with so far. In the picture below we have (from left to right): a sterling silver mosaic pendant with crushed sapphire, an emerald and 14k gold fill bracelet, a ruby and 14k gold fill necklace, a sterling silver and rough tourmaline bracelet and finally a 14k gold fill and rough garnet pendant. For those who are wondering, these materials are birthstones for September, May, July, October and January respectively.


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