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Beyond a New Website

Beyond a New Website
April 4, 2014 Suzanne Crudden
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Spring is in the air and so are the winds of change. After many years of trying to find the time, I have finally updated my website. First, a welcome! It’s so nice to have a fresh new website with some of the requisite whiz-bang media components that are so important these days. But beyond the wonderful energy that comes with renewal, hence the title ‘beyond a new website,’ it also seems to be the perfect time for a bit of reflection.

Over the years my studio partner and I have often remarked how truly special we feel to be involved in the creation of heirloom family pieces. Whether it is wedding and engagement rings or unique pieces to mark a special occasion – these pieces of jewellery will become treasures for their owners and their families. As I reflect on how special it is to have the honour of being a part of this process, I have to say thank you. Whether creating something entirely new or using existing heirlooms to create updated pieces that will be worn by present and future generations, they are all unique and they are all special.  Often these are life changing moments in my client’s lives and it’s been amazing to have a small role. Thank you to all of my clients past, present and future for allowing me the privilege of working with you to create these treasures.

I love my job!