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Create a Custom Ring

Create a Custom Ring
January 19, 2016 Suzanne Crudden


Thinking of proposing?

Looking to create a custom ring for someone special?

Congratulations – that’s a big deal!


So where do you start? I know it might seem intimidating if you have no experience in this area. Even worse if you have had experience and that experience was bad. This is going to be a significant purchase and it’s important that you feel comfortable each step of the way. Don’t worry, making a ring can be easy and fun.


How we will create your custom ring together:


No Pressure

Just starting your mission and trying to find out options and costs? No problem. I’d be happy to chat anytime whether you’re ready to make your ring or not. If you’re local to Toronto feel free to pop into my studio. Or if you have some questions first I’m always available via email and phone.

I’m not a salesperson so at no point will I try to convince you into something you don’t want.

Remember, there are no stupid questions. I will provide honest answers to all of them, promise:)


You will be a part of the process from initial concept to choosing your own gemstones to completion.

Creating a custom ring is an experience. You will be able to tell your partner the story of their ring.

I will give you regular status updates so you’re confident each step of the way.


I respect your preferences. Perhaps you want to look into alternative metals or man made stones. I’m open to everything as long as the result is a ring that is functional, comfortable and beautiful.

I respect your wishes to explore ethical choices. This is really important to me too. In fact one of the most common projects I work on is re-using old jewellery to create something new.

I respect your budget. It’s ok, you can tell me if you have a number in mind that you don’t want to go beyond. I’ve worked with every kind of budget and in case made sure my clients got the best possible bling for their buck.


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