How to design and create custom jewellery
using our virtual appointments.

It's now easier than ever before to create custom jewellery from the comfort of your own home!

The truth is I have been creating jewellery over distances for a long time with my clients who live outside Toronto.

But recently I’ve had the chance to refine the virtual process to ensure we can have an excellent online jewellery making experience together.

Step One

The Virtual Meeting


– Prepare the materials

-Book the meeting

Prepare the Materials

Prepare your inspiration images or any other ideas you would like to share in our meeting.

Feel free to email this information to so that I can prepare options for you in advance.

If you are reusing any of your jewellery it would be helpful to have images of that as well.

Book the Meeting

Visit my booking page and select a day and time that works for you.

You will have the option to book either a video meeting or a phone call from the drop down menu.

If you’ve made you’re booking for a video meeting I will email you with our web conferencing details.

Step Two

Follow Up


-Stone Options

virtual appointments image

Sometimes quoting can be done on the spot during our video meeting but sometimes we will need a bit more time to create your quotes.

This is especially true when we are preparing multiple options for you or when reusing your jewellery.

If a follow up quote is required after our meeting we will send that to you within 2 to 3 business days.

Stone Options

Often during a meeting we will narrow down the type, size, shape and colour of the gemstone you’re looking for.

After our meeting we will follow up with our gemstone suppliers to see what options they have available.

Photos, videos and quotes of the gemstones will be emailed to you and we can always schedule a follow up video meeting to discuss them.

Step Three

Build Stage

-Final Design

-Wax Model

Final Design

Once you approve the quote we’ll start on some mock up designs for you and request a deposit of half of the total to begin production. If you are purchasing a large gemstone this balance may be requested to be paid in full.

The deposit can be paid online via Visa, Mastercard, American Express or bank transfer.

Once the design is refined further using the mock ups we will begin the final CAD design (if applicable) and renderings will be emailed to you.

Wax Model

If we need to build your design with CAD then a model of your ring will be 3D printed in wax. If we use another method to create your design this step may not be applicable in which case you’ll be provided with other support materials.

If you’d like to view this wax model we can even arrange a video call or even to ship it to you.

Please note that the wax models are extremely fragile. These waxes are used to cast your ring and must be handled with care and returned.

Step Four


-Metal Finishing and Setting



The final stage is the physical production of your piece. Depending on the method of production, it may involve casting or putting different components together.

If you are reusing jewellery this is also the stage where we will dismantle your piece(s), harvest the gemstones and clean & weigh the metal.

Finally if there is any gem setting or engraving to be done this will be completed at the end.


The completion stage, your beautiful piece is ready! We will forward the link for payment of the final balance. We can also take a picture for you or you can opt not to and keep it as a surprise!

We will carefully package up your new jewel and then your piece will be shipped for free with insurance using an express tracked service.

The last step is yours, to wear and enjoy your new treasure!

A long distance relationship doesn’t have to be tough!

Need something sooner? 

Looking for Inspiration?

Check out my custom, engagement ring or wedding ring portfolios!

Be Kind. Be Collaborative. Be Creative.

This is my philosophy in life and jewellery. Kindness to the earth and each other, collaboration with clients and even the so-called competition and exploring creativity through curiosity. This is the starting point for all of the pieces I create.

I specialize in custom jewellery such as custom engagement rings, custom wedding rings and heirloom re-design (a fancy way of saying re-using old jewellery). I also enjoy exploring my own ideas and designs which you can find in the shop!

I know that you want beautiful, quality jewellery; something that adds a skip to your step and a new air of confidence, and that you are proud to wear. It is my joy to make or help create them. In order to achieve that, you need to find a helpful and skilled designer.  I believe that this experience should be exciting, not overwhelming. I’ve become known for my simplified, inclusive and affordable approach.

I understand how intimidating it can be once you begin to gather information and are faced with decisions about your final style, which is why I make it easy. I guide my clients step-by-step, with full transparency, through the process; from stone selection to design to adhering to a budget. Every detail of my work is carefully considered, well designed and finely made.