Custom jewellery design.

Does this phrase sound exciting and fun to you? Or perhaps it sounds intimidating and expensive? Let’s take a moment here to explore the custom design process, what it is and what it isn’t.

Custom jewellery is unique, one of a kind and just for you.

Why would someone choose to make a custom jewellery piece? One reason perhaps is that what you’re looking for isn’t commercially available. We’ve all had those moments of frustration when we realize, after much energy exerted searching, that what we’re looking for just isn’t out there. In these cases custom jewellery is a great option because you can bring your creative vision to the table and together we can make it a reality. Or, if you have already been inspired by a piece that I’ve created, we can sit down and personalize the piece to your preferences.

Custom jewellery isn’t just for wedding and engagement rings.

Quite simply, it’s for when you want to create something very special. Perhaps it’s to mark a milestone such as an anniversary, birthday, birth or a special occasion such as Mother’s or Father’s Day. Or maybe you picked up some loose stones on your travels and always wanted to make something with them. But, for me, the most touching reason to create custom jewellery is to commemorate. I inherited some faux pearls from my grandmother but I knew what it would mean to some of my younger cousins if I divided them up and made bracelets for each of us. I’ll always remember the bear hug I got from one of my cousins when I gave it to her.

Custom jewellery can be a leap of faith.

It can be hard to commit to something when you don’t know what it’s going to look like when it’s finished. Throughout the process I provide as many methods as possible to communicate what the finished product will look like such as sketches, mock-ups, models or CAD renderings. This ensures there are no surprises! All this leads up to the final ‘reveal’ which is always one of my favourite parts of my job.

Custom jewellery is making something old new again.

Maybe there’s a beautiful piece you’ve inherited from a loved one that just isn’t quite right. Styles change, people have different tastes…but that’s no reason to let a cherished item sit unworn. The most common project I’m asked to do is to re-work an old piece of jewellery into something new. Recycling of old jewellery has gone on for generations, since the beginning of the trade. In fact, did you know that all of the gold ever mined – ever – would fit into 1/3 of the Washington monument? Or that all of the platinum in the world would fit into an average sized house? It’s entirely possible that part of the gold in your possession once came from ancient Egypt or the Incan Empire. Pretty cool thought.

Custom jewellery isn’t by definition expensive.

My mission is to give my clients the best possible value for their buck no matter how many bucks they have. Together we will create a beautifully designed, finely-made piece while remaining within your budget.

Custom jewellery is for everyone. Not local to Toronto? No problem.

By ensuring that our communication is frequent and clear I’ve had great success providing my long distance clients with the custom pieces that they’ve always wanted.
I hope this has helped to answer some questions regarding custom jewellery design and inspired you to join me in the process! You can browse my custom portfolio or wedding & engagement ring sections for inspiration or start sketching out some of your own!