Mother’s Day is a day where we pause the demands of everyday life to recognize and cherish our mothers. Traditionally accompanied with gifts, large or small, but always thoughtful. A macaroni necklace made by a child can be just as valuable to a mother as a necklace made of gold. What is important is the meaning. This is why custom mother’s day jewellery is such a great idea for a mother’s day gift. Lasting, heirloom quality jewellery invested with meaning.

Custom Mother’s Day jewellery doesn’t have to be studded with diamonds to be meaningful. For example, we could cast one of those pieces of pasta from a macaroni necklace in silver so it lasts forever. In this post we’re going to take a look at custom Mother’s Day jewellery ideas that are both thoughtful and meaningful.

Custom Mother’s Day Jewellery: Necklace Ideas

We’ve found that necklaces or pendants are a very popular gift for Mother’s Day. Likely because they are easy to wear everyday and sit close to the heart.

Birthstone Necklaces

It’s very popular to incorporate birthstones into custom Mother’s Day jewellery. A necklace or pendant incorporating family birthstones is a great option if you are hoping to create a gift that is subtle. The birthstones you choose to use are totally up to you. You could decide to include just the child(ren) or the mother and child(ren) or even select more birthstones to represent extended family.



Personalized Necklaces

There are many ways to include a special touch of personalization in a necklace. You could include names or initials. You could include an engraving of a fingerprint. You could even scan a piece of your child’s artwork or handwriting that we could then engrave on a pendant.


Custom Mother’s Day Jewellery: Rings

The other most popular custom Mother’s Day jewellery idea is a ring. It is an especially popular gift for adult children to give to their mother, or a husband to give to a wife. Usually these rings contain the birthstones of the family.

The nice thing about a family ring is that it doesn’t have to adhere to a certain style. This gives us the opportunity to include, not only personal style preferences, but thoughtful, symbolic touches in the ring.


Other Custom Mother’s Day Jewellery Ideas

Bracelets are probably the next most popular Mother’s Day gift after necklaces and rings. There are certainly a number of charm-type bracelets that are very popular. Although you could say that charm bracelets are personalized, it’s more of a generic personalization. To add more meaning, you could use some of the ideas above such as custom engraving, birthstones or fingerprints.

Earrings seem to be less popular for Mother’s Day in particular, although they are very popular as a gift for other special occasions.

As with anything, the sky is the limit. If you have an vision for something you’d like to create fill out our quote request form. Or check out our shop, we have a lot of really special ready to ship pieces.


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