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Diamond Colour


Colour is the only diamond quality that is going to be directly affected by everyday wear. Nothing will actually change the colour of your diamond but sometimes grime can build up under the setting and mask a diamond’s true colour. We try to remember to take off our rings when we are putting on make up or applying cream but, inevitably, we all forget sometimes. Of course, all it takes is a quick scrub to have your stone shining it’s brightest, true colour again!

The scale begins at D and ends with Z. Letter grades D through F are considered ‘colourless’, G through J ‘near colourless’, K through M are ‘faint’, N through R ‘very light’ and S through Z ‘light’. Generally I recommend stones graded H and above as I find I can see a faint yellowish hue around the J/K grades. That being said I’ve seen some spectacular J/K graded stones so you just never know until you see it!

Source GIA

G.I.A. Colour Scale


Source GIA