Full Length Biography

Suzanne Crudden is an accomplished jewellery designer and goldsmith in Toronto specializing in custom work and re-using old jewellery. She is also one of the founders and co-owners of flux + form, voted one of the best jewellery stores in Toronto by Blog TO. Suzanne received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and Anthropology from the University of Toronto before training as a goldsmith at George Brown College.

Suzanne studies at Hogwarts .. er .. George Brown

The Early Days:

Born in Brantford, Ontario into a very creative family Suzanne enjoyed artistic endeavours from the very beginning. Her creativity was encouraged and she spent hours sketching or designing clothes for her Princess Diana paper doll.

As the time approached to make post-secondary school decisions Suzanne found herself at a cross-roads. She really wanted to be a designer but she also really wanted to be ‘Indiana Jones’. Ultimately she decided to study both Fine Art and Anthropology at the University of Toronto where she received her bachelor’s degree four years later.

The studio when it first opened in 2007.

Finding the Right Path :

After graduation (and with a lot of student debt accumulated) Suzanne found herself in the hospitality industry. A hotel is a great place to work and learn both business and customer service. Not to mention all of the interesting people you get to meet!

Soon however, Suzanne realized that her creative spark was dimming. It was time to make a change and in 2004 she enrolled in the George Brown full-time jewellery program. For Suzanne, George Brown was her very own Hogwarts. During her time there one of her fellow students dubbed her ‘the miniature impressionist’. This was the first hint as to the direction her style would take. Every detail of her work is carefully considered, well designed and finely made.

New Beginnings:

Within a year after graduation Suzanne opened up her own jewellery studio with fellow goldsmith and best friend Kim Drosdick. A few years later she returned to teach at George Brown as a part-time Jewellery Faculty member.

In the years since flux + form has become Toronto’s destination for custom jewellery and known for our simplified, inclusive and affordable approach. Voted one of the best jewellery stores and places to get an engagement ring by BlogTO, the studio continues to grow. Recently flux + form welcomed a third owner, colleague and friend, Carey Pearson.

My support team.

Philosophy and Style:

Suzanne says of her philosophy and style, “In truth, I’m an unabashed romantic. I love happy endings, I love the lessons of history, I love the beauty of the world around me and I love the concept that an idea will not exist unless you create it in reality. All of these inspirations find their way into my work in some way blending into what I think of as modern romanticism. Modern jewellery with subtle drama, distinguished beauty and a hint of history.”

This style and philosophy blend perfectly when her clients wish to re-use their old jewellery. Suzanne feels very strongly that re-using and recycling materials is one of the most important ways in which we can minimize our environmental impact.

Interests include having family adventures...


As an established designer Suzanne is continuing to enjoy building relationships with her clients and working along-side her colleagues and friends. Rather than seeking that ever elusive ‘balance’ in life, each day she just tries to be the best designer, best jeweller, best small business owner, best friend, best wife and best mom she can be. Her interests outside of jewellery include watching BBC historical dramas, nerdish pursuits, having adventures with her family and learning as many new things, everyday, as possible.