Tips to Keep Your Jewellery Beautiful

Every piece crafted at by Suzanne Crudden Jewellery is crafted with heirloom quality which keeps longevity in mind. Taking care of jewellery is simple and there are a few steps you can take to ensure your jewels last a lifetime. If you ever have any concerns regarding the maintenance of your jewellery, please feel free to contact us.

It is a good habit to remove all jewellery before exercising, showering, gardening, heavy lifting, swimming, etc. Remove jewelry before sleeping and put your jewellery on after bathing, spraying perfumes, hairsprays, or lotions and cosmetics. Avoid chemical cleaners, abrasive polishing agents, and chlorine. A combination of mild soap, warm water, and a soft toothbrush may be used for cleaning. You can soak most jewels in this solution for 30 minutes to remove more stubborn dirt.


Gold is a beautiful precious metal that is one of the least reactive of all metals. However, we do recommend removing any gold jewellery before swimming in chlorine water or handling chemicals as there is potential for spotting. Prongs may weaken over time as they get caught on clothes, are dropped, and general every day wear can take its toll. Take care not to sleep in your jewellery (prongs can catch on blankets and bend or chains can stretch)  and do not clean jewellery with toothpaste as it can scratch metal and harden under stones.


Refrain from using chemical cleaning agents on gemstones. A gentle detergent like dawn dish soap mixed with warm water can be used with a soft toothbrush to scrub around and beneath the stone to clean and restore sparkle. Avoid wearing your gemstone jewellery in hot tubs or natural hot springs which may cause irreparable damage to certain sensitive gemstones like opals or turquoise. Have your gemstone settings checked at least once a year.


A gentle detergent like dawn dish soap mixed with warm water can be used with a soft toothbrush to scrub around and beneath the stone to clean and restore sparkle. You can also use a solution of 1 part Mr. Clean to 3 parts warm water. Let the jewellery soak then scrub with a soft toothbrush.


Fingers can swell and shrink with each season and even their shapes can change. Knuckles often grow larger as we age, and arthritis can make joints swell. Your fingers will be at their smallest when you’re cold and at their largest in the middle of a summer heat wave. Even diet can have an effect on finger size. Lots of salt or water retention will also make your fingers swell.

Watch your when washing your hands to ensure that your ring doesn’t slip off. The coldness of the water will reduce the diameter of your finger and the ring may be more likely to slip off. This is also why you should never swim in a pool or body of water while wearing your rings. Be sure to take them off before diving in!

The converse problem, of course, is when a ring is too tight. This is often an issue that arises with pregnancy. Always ensure that you’re checking the fit of your rings and that you’re still able to remove them. If at any point you feel they are getting too tight take them off and secure them in a safe place. Once your finger settles down again you’ll be able to put them back on or they can usually be resized if necessary. This precaution will save you from having to have them cut off in the emergency room! If you ever feel like your rings might be getting too tight immerse your hand in very cold water for as long as you can stand it, cover your fingers with dish soap and then try to slip your rings off.


Just like with your car it’s a good idea to bring your rings in for regular maintenance. Rings take quite a beating being worn on your hands everyday as they get scraped and knocked about. Over time the prongs on your settings may wear down or get bent out of shape. The metal around bezel settings can also wear with time. If you’re at all concerned bring your rings in to me or a local jeweller to give them an assessment.


As noted above some gemstones are not as tough as others. Stones like emerald, opal, pearl, turquoise, amethyst, citrine, quartz, tourmaline, moonstone, garnet as well as many more don’t stand up to everyday wear the same way a diamond will (but even a diamond can break!). Over time the facet corners of the stones will abraid and reveal the matte material underneath. This will give your gem a cloudy look. The gemstone can potentially be repolished by a lapidary but that will involve some labour and expense. If possible it is better to wear rings with these types of gemstones on special occassions rather than everyday. If you do want to wear them every day I highly recommend that you remove your ring before doing gardening, hitting the gym, going on an outdoor adventure, swimming or doing any kind of strenuous activity.


The rule with pearls is first off, last on. Keep this simple rule in mind whenever taking your pearls off or putting them on. Pearls should be the first thing you remove at the end of the day and the last thing you put on after getting ready for the day. Pearls are soft and vulnerable to harsh chemicals in hair spray, make up and perfume. Not only that but the silk thread that pearls are knotted on is absorbent and will take in the scent of perfume and hold on to it for years. This silk thread can also stretch over time and become vulnerable to breaking. If you ever notice that there is a bit of a gap between your pearls and the thread is exposed it’s time to get your pearls re-knotted. There isn’t much you can do to clean pearls really but if you do notice any spots you can try rubbing them with a slightly damp soft cloth.


Typically when you first receive your ring it will have been highly polished to a mirror finish. This type of polish can only be achieved by a professional jeweller using a polishing machine and polishing compounds. At home you could purchase a polishing cloth or rouge cloth to give a slight shine to your pieces. If you would ever like to repolish your ring to a mirror finish feel free to bring it back to me. Matte finishes on the other hand are created using a special pad and I can give you one to take home and keep those matte finishes looking just right.





Our Warranty

We offer a maintenance and service plan complimentary with every jewellery item purchased.

This Warranty includes:
1) Free cleaning, inspection, re-polish and re-finish service for the lifetime of your piece.
2) 1 year complimentary setting repair. Setting repair includes tightening of any loose gemstone or diamond and prong re-tipping.
3) 1 year complimentary accent gemstone/diamond replacement. Warranty does not include stones with a replacement value over 500CDN or replacement of stones larger than 0.25 carat.
4) 1 year complimentary ring sizing within one size.
5) 1 year complimentary chain and clasp repair.

The above services are non transferable and intended only for the original customer or gift recipient. Your jewellery is guaranteed against manufacturing defects but not normal wear and tear. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges, please insure your packages for full value.

We recommend that you clean and inspect your jewelry regularly; Suzanne Crudden Jewellery offers this service free of charge for the lifetime of your piece. It is advisable to have your major jewellery purchase reviewed by us every year to allow us to communicate repair recommendations. Failure to complete the recommended repairs or if repairs are made by establishments not approved by us will result in the cancellation of the warranty policy. We are not responsible for damaged jewellery due to wear and tear, or repairs/alterations made by other jewellers.

This policy is not a substitute for insurance so we recommend insuring your jewellery item with a reputable insurance provider for your peace of mind.


Having your jewellery appraised will ensure that you will receive proper reimbursement if you need to file a claim with your insurance company. Have your jewellery appraised with your local reputable appraiser every few years to make sure your policy accurately reflects the true value of your jewellery collection. I am happy to arrange an appraisal on your behalf for any piece of jewellery purchase from me for a special price of $40 vs the regular cost of $60. I will need to borrow your jewellery item for a few days to take it to my third party appraiser.