Our clients often ask us if we offer jewellery repair services. The answer is, heck yes!

As professional goldsmith’s we are trained to not only create new jewellery but also repair treasured pieces that have seen better days.

Jewellery Repair

Ring Resizing

  • sizing up or down
  • metals that can be resized: silver, gold, platinum, palladium
  • some stones are vulnerable to heat used during the sizing process and may need to be laser soldered instead
  • sizing costs start from $90


  • cleaning, no charge
  • re-finishing, ie: sanding out dings or scratches, from $45
  • re-polishing from $25 and matte finishing from $20
  • cleaning, re-polishing and matte finishing are always complimentary for rings purchased from us

Re-Stringing and Re-Knotting

  • Re-Stringing from $3 per inch
  • Re-Knotting from $4 per inch
  • For reference, typical beaded necklaces a strung, without knots, on a cord
  • For reference, typical pearl necklaces are knotted on silk cords


  • gold plating
  • rhodium plating
  • plating costs start from $60 per piece for gold and $90 per piece for rhodium


  • soldering available for silver, gold, platinum and palladium
  • regular soldering cost starts from $45 per joint
  • laser soldering cost starts from $60 per joint


  • regular text engraving $20 set up fee plus $3 per character
  • extra deep text engraving add $20
  • art engraving $90
  • extra deep art engraving add $40

Prong Re-Tipping

  • re-tipping is available for gold and platinum pieces
  • re-tipping costs start from $45 per prong or $150 for 4 prongs

Finding Replacement

  • replace clasps, jump rings and earring backings
  • silver finding costs start from $7/gram
  • gold and platinum findings require a quote


  • appraisals are provided by a third party certified gemmologist
  • appraisals may be required for insurance purposes
  • appraisals charge is $80

Ring Re-Shanking

  • ring re-shanking is available for rings that have lost a lot of metal over time and are very thin
  • re-shanking is often recommended for antique rings
  • the process of re-shanking removes the old, thin band from the setting and connects the setting to a new, sturdier band
  • costs for re-shanking need to be quoted on a per ring basis

Chain Repair

  • chain repair is available for silver, gold and platinum
  • chain repairs require a quote as they can range from very simple to very complicated

Stone Setting

  • for small stones under 1/4 carat, setting starts at $45/stone
  • for stones from 1/4 to 1.0 carat, setting starts at $90/stone
  • for large stones over 1.0 carat, setting starts at $150/stone


  • Custom Jewellery Design
  • Consultation, design & production for media/television props
  • Jewellery loans for styled photography
  • Standard Engraving
  • Finger Print Engraving
  • Custom Artwork Engraving
  • Hand Engraving
  • Antique Jewellery Restoration
  • Lapidary/Stone Cutting
  • Replacement of Lost Gemstones
  • Watch Battery Replacement
  • Ring Removal
  • Costume Jewellery Repair

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    To learn more about basic repairs you can do at home, check out our Jewellery School! Or for feel free to reach out if you have any questions!