Meet the Team

Picture of Suzanne Crudden Jewellery Designer

Suzanne Crudden
Owner/Business Operations

For the past 15 years Suzanne has had the honour of participating in her clients life events creating future heirlooms and special jewellery pieces. The training that she received at George Brown College allows her to create beautiful jewellery, but it’s the relationships that she builds with her clients and the stories that go into these pieces that infuse them with their true value. 

But what elevates these pieces and makes them invaluable are the stories behind them and the relationships built these projects, and Sue is a master at bringing clients’ stories to life.

Recently, Suzanne has decided to refocus her role in the company to involve more behind the scenes business development and mentoring our expanding, multi-faceted team. Together, they are bringing their skill sets together to create a seamless experience for our clients and taking our designer’s collective in new, exciting directions!

Carey Pearson
Senior Designer

Simply put, Carey loves what she does! Carey feels that making jewellery is not only about the beauty of the piece but the meaning and story behind it. Her natural openness makes her clients feel more comfortable and she has an innate ability to read people’s minds when it comes to custom designing.

Carey is a trained goldsmith in Toronto with a serious love of the mathematics behind the craft. If she could create a spreadsheet to explain it she would. Working with Carey will help you understand the process of custom design so that it doesn’t feel so daunting. Searching out the answers on google is a good start but talking it through is necessary. Carey’s designs start with the beauty of a gemstone and metals and become their own by being filled with the stories and lives of her clients.