Wide, white gold wedding band with a carved branch motif that covers the whole top surface.
Forest Motif White Gold Wedding Band

Custom or Classic: What’s Your Men’s Wedding Ring Style?

There are many styles of men’s wedding bands and ways to customise them.  Are you a classic man that likes a simple high-polished yellow gold wedding band? Perhaps you’ve spent a lot of time on designing the perfect engagement ring and want to get in on the fun yourself?! I personally love a classic wedding band: the subtle curves of a half-round shape and a high polish finish, oh-lala! But I also love to design something special that may include a gemstone or a custom finish to the surface.  A lot of men don’t know the options available to them. So use this as a guide to help narrow your likes and dislikes.

Gold and Platinum Wedding Bands

Gold and platinum wedding bands are the most popular choice when choosing a wedding ring. One must consider the longevity of the ring: it needs to last a lifetime. Different karats of gold can be used depending on budget and lifestyle of the wearer. For example: if you plan to wear your wedding band everyday and you use your hands a lot, you may wish to use a lower karat gold so it is more durable for everyday wear. If you like to see a patina develop or like the feel of a heavier piece of jewellery you will want to consider Platinum.

Both platinum and gold wedding bands will stand the test of time and are often passed down from one generation to the next as they are easily sized and refurbished. We recommend trying on wedding bands in different metals, widths and sizes to see how it looks on your hand. Skin tone and hand proportion can play a role in what suits your hand. And since this will be something you wear everyday, this should be considered.

Unique and Artisanal Wedding Band Finishes

Scrolls and French curves ardorn the surface of a wide, men's yellow gold wedding band. Engraved into the surface.
Fine craftsmanship has been executed in this one of a kind engraved men’s band ring.

There are many finishes that can applied to the surface of a wedding band. You can check some of them out here. Some surface treatments last longer than others depending on how much they are carved/engraved into the surface. A high polish finish requires the least amount of maintenance over the years. It may get a little dull overtime with some scratches but it is easily polished if needed. When it comes to giving metal a surface treatment (matte, satin, oxidised, grit) the one with the best longevity is a true grit finish. In this style, a steel bur is used to engrave the surface of the metal. The metal is burred away leaving permanent carvings into the wedding band. One may find that the other finishes like a matte, satin or oxidised finish my need maintenance over the years.

The art of hand engraving wedding bands is as old as the trade of jewellery making itself. It requires a specialised skill set and is usually performed by a highly trained individual with years of experience. Each metal performs a bit differently when being engraved and thus, creates a slightly different result. For example, Platinum produces a stunning result due to it’s malleability. It allows the crafts person a unique working canvas to carve and move the metal exactly as the design dictates. Lower karats of gold are harder to engrave due to the alloy content making the materials springy or hard. A similar result can be achieved, the engraver just needs to work a bit harder.

Steel and Titanium Men’s Wedding Bands

Steel and Titanium wedding rings have been in fashion for a number of years. They are less expensive then gold and platinum and offer some interesting finishes that can’t be achieved with traditional materials. There are however some drawbacks to consider. Wedding bands made from Steel, Titanium and Tungsten (another metal in the steel family) cannot be sized. And although steel is considered to be quite strong, these rings can break or crack easier than gold. With that being said, they are mostly mass produced so this makes them economical to replace if needed.

All in the Fine Print

Two white gold wedding bands sit on top of one another. On the inside is hand engraved wedding dates.
Hidden messages can be engraved by hand by machine or by laser

Engraving on the inside of a wedding band is a beautiful way to commemorate your wedding date but you can engrave almost anything!  There are a few different ways to engrave wedding bands: hand engraving, laser engraving and machine engraving.

Hand engraving produces a result that will last decades. This is because the crafts person can deeply carve into the metal. Often, hand engraving can take more time to complete as there aren’t many people with this skill set. It’s not the best choice for all you last minute planners! It is also the most costly option but when thinking about something you will have forever, I would argue the cost is worth it.

Engraving wedding bands can be completed by laser as well. This is a quick and inexpensive option. There are hundreds of fonts to choose from and symbols can also be engraved. Laser engraving does not carve very deeply into the surface of the metal so it will wear away faster over time.

Lastly, machine engraving is a middle of the road alternative in terms of cost and result. It is quite limited in terms of the fonts and sizes available but it carves into the metal well producing a result similar to hand engraving.

Men’s Wedding Bands with Diamonds and Gemstones

Using gemstones in men’s wedding bands goes in and out of fashion. But there are ways to make it timeless and even a little “sneaky”. In the past our client’s have hidden small gemstones, whether a birthstone or the same gemstone used in their fiance’s engagement ring, on the inside of the ring. This means it sits close to their finger and only the wearer knows it is there.

Black diamonds have also been a popular choice with gents as they are a little more subtle than white diamonds. If you’re curious to learn more about black diamonds you can learn all about them here.


Hopefully this helped you narrow down some options. We’d love to hear if you have any questions or already have an idea in mind!

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