Chances are you’ve already done your research on the stone if you’ve found yourself here. But I thought it would also be a good time to talk a bit about moissanite as well as it’s application in custom jewellery. More and more people are choosing moissanite engagement rings.

What is Moissanite?

Naturally occuring moissanite is silicon carbide first discovered by Henri Moissan in the late 19th century. It is an extremely rare mineral and only limited deposits have ever been found – mostly in association with meteors but also in kimberlite and as naturally ocurring inclusions in diamonds.

Due to its rarity natural moissanite, ie: mined from the earth, is not widely available. Instead it was synthesized in a labratory and is now commercially available from Charles and Colvard. It has a number of applications but the most important to us here is as a beautiful gemstone in jewellery. 

Why Choose Moissanite for your Engagement Ring?

chart showing the durability and brilliance of moissanite

The properties of moissanite make it a great choice for wedding and engagement rings or pieces that are worn every day. It is second only to diamond in hardness on the Moh’s Scale of hardness and is actually more reflective than a diamond due to it’s higher refractive index. People love the brilliance and fire of this stone!

As with any gemstone, there are certain considerations to keep in mind when choosing moissanite for your ring. In the past moissanite had a bit of a yellowish undertone but within the last five years or so the colour clarity has improved dramatically to a consistent white. This is when moissanite became a true diamond alternative.

Another thing to consider is price point. You will certainly receive more carat weight for your budget with moissanite than you will with diamond. If you are person who likes the look of larger stones but not the cost then moissanite is definitely a great choice for you!

And finally, I find one of the most important reasons a lot of my clients prefer moissanite is because they are an ethical choice. Since they are lab created and not mined from the earth there are less associated environmental and cultural impacts.

Custom Moissanite Engagement Rings

Why would you choose to create a custom moissanite engagement ring versus purchasing one already made? The main reason is that the design you have in mind isn’t available in the stone choices that you want. Or perhaps you really want to flex your creative muscles and you make something truly unique. Whatever the case I’ve been helping my clients create their custom moissanite engagement rings in Toronto for years. Way before it became trendy.

In the years since a lot of companies have sprung up to take advantage of the popularity of moissanite. If I can toot my own here for a moment, I think it’s really important to select a designer that cares about you and your ring and not just the bottom line. I specialize in designing custom rings for my clients, listening to what they want and developing our relationship so that it is truly a collaborative experience.

Here’s a small sampling of some custom moissanite engagement rings I’ve made with my clients:


Where to Purchase Moissanite in Toronto?

authorized distributor and retailer of charles and colvard created moissanite

If you would like to use moissanite in your custom engagement ring there are two options. You can source a stone(s) yourself by logging on the Charles and Colvard website and then bringing the stone(s) to me to design a custom piece. Alternatively I can source the stone(s) for you.

This second method is often easier because it enables you to see the stone(s) in ‘real life’ and you can decide if you would like to use it in your piece. If not, it can always be returned. Sometimes it’s also hard for you to know how many and of which size stones you should order for your design. Since I will know all of the precise details of the design it may be easier for me to order in the stones required.

In the years since Charles & Colvard first perfected their bright, white material many other moissanite companies have sprung up around the world. There are a few that I feel create high quality material but there are a lot out there with sub par product. As with natural diamonds the cut is really important. You can have beautiful material but if it’s not cut right it won’t sparkle the way it should.

The Next Step

If you still have questions you can also check out my moissanite FAQ’s .  Or if you have specific questions about the custom process this page might help. Finally if you need some inspiration check out my engagement ring portfolio. I hope we can work together soon!



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