Moissanite FAQs

“I’ve heard that Moissanite is yellow-ish, is that true?”

Originally when it was first produced Moissanite did have a yellow-ish under-tone. They now call this kind of stone ‘Moissanite Classic’ and is roughly equivalent to the J/K colour grades of diamonds. Since that time the makers of Moissanite, Charles & Colvard, have come out with two lines of ‘whiter’ stones. The first is ‘Forever Brilliant’ and it is roughly equivalent in colour to the G/H/I grades of diamonds. The second and newest line is called ‘Forever One’ and is roughly equivalent in colour to a D/E/F grades of diamonds.

It is important to note that small Moissanite or stones smaller than 4mm are not made in the Forever Brilliant or Forever One lines. Small stones are only available in classic Moissanite.

“What are some of the differences between diamonds and Moissanite?”

There are a number of differences but I will narrow it down to the main ones. First, diamonds are harder than Moissanite measuring 10 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness to the 9.25 of Moissanite. That being said, even though diamonds are harder, Moissanite is still a very durable stone that will stand up to everyday wear. Second, Moissanite has a higher refractive index that diamond which means that it actually disperses more light and has more ‘fire’. Finally, although diamonds can be made in a lab as well, most diamonds used in jewellery are still mined from the earth whereas Moissanite is man-made.

Carat size vs Millimetre size

I find that many people get confused with carat size and millimetre size. When considering Moissanite the most uncomplicated way to approach choosing your stone size is to use a milllimetre measurement. Carat is actually a weight measurement, not a dimensional measurement. Moissanite weighs 10% less than a diamond so a one carat diamond would not be the same size as a one carat Moissanite. There are rough equivalents of course, for example a 6.5mm stone could be said to be approximately equivalent to the size of a one carat diamond, but it is not precise.

“Do you only make rings using Moissanite or can you make other kinds of jewellery such as earrings and necklaces too?”

Absolutely, I can make anything at all using Moissanite. I am primarily a custom jewellery so I can make any style of jewellery you like using Moissanite.

The Intimidation Factor

Ok, so you’ve decided that you’d like to make a piece using Moissanite because it fits your lifestyle but now you’re worried that maybe you’ll get some attitude from the jeweller because of that choice. Or maybe your worried they’ll try to talk you out of it? First off, you will never get any attitude from me:) Second, if you do get attitude from someone after you talk to them about your ideas, then you don’t want to work with someone like that anyway. I and a lot of my jeweller friends out there put our clients first and would be happy to work with any stone as long as we feel that it’s tough enough to stand up to everyday wear.

“I’m searching for someone to work with Moissanite but I’m not local to Toronto, do you work with people outside of the GTA?”

Absolutely, just get in touch and we will make it happen.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, Charles & Colvard do provide a limited lifetime warranty for their gemstones.