Reuse your Old Jewellery in an Heirloom Redesign

Preserve the memories and start creating new ones by reusing old jewellery.

We know the true value of jewellery is its sentimental value, not its material value. We like to say, “the meaning is the value”. If you are able to reuse old jewellery, there are many benefits as we will see here.

Here’s how we reuse old jewellery.

Step One
  • The process for reusing jewellery is slightly different to creating a strictly custom piece
  • Collect the pieces of jewellery you’d like to reuse
  • Figure out what you’d like to make, ie: a ring, necklace, earring, bracelet etc.
  • Bring them in to me so that I can weigh the metal and measure the gemstones
  • Or you can also email me a picture and I can estimate the weights and measurements until I can see the pieces to be reused in person
Step Two
  • We develop a mock up design based on your ideas
  • I can also offer design suggestions if you don’t have a particular idea in mind
  • I figure out how much material we need for the new design
  • We figure out if we have enough metal and gemstones to create the project or if we need to add a little more
  • I figure out the quote for you
Step Three
  • Once the quote is approved we move on to the final design
  • I’ll clean the metal and remove the stones
  • If there are any stones that are unable to be reused (ie: broken or chipped) or if there are extra materials that won’t be used in the project they will be returned to you
  • We will then create the model of the piece for your approval and move on to production
  • Your beautiful new heirloom jewellery piece is ready!

You’ve been meaning to do something with that old ring forever but, where to start? 

Learn all about reusing your jewellery.

You have questions. I have answers.

Learn what pieces of jewellery are suitable for an heirloom redesign.

Learn how you can reuse your gemstones.

Learn about the costs involved in reusing your jewellery.

Reuse Old Jewellery: The Benefits

* The true value of jewellery is it’s sentimental value, that will be preserved.

*It is the most environmentally friendly way to make jewellery since little   or nothing will be taken from the earth.

*You will receive cost savings because you will be using, at least in part, your own materials.

*With reusing comes renewal, your new piece will start a new story with new energy.

Heirloom Redesign, My Philosophy

I strongly believe in re-using old jewellery. Yes, it can be tricky and time consuming and there are some challenges involved. But isn’t it better to re-use something than take something else from the earth if we can avoid it?

I know that the true value of my client’s treasures lies not in the monetary value but the sentimental value. I respect that value above all else and treat my client’s pieces with the attention and care they deserve.

Curious About the Costs?

Find out what types of costs are involved in reusing your jewellery pieces



Ideas on How to Reuse Old Jewellery

Wedding Sets

  • incorporate the metal from your heirloom jewellery pieces into your wedding bands
  • or create new wedding rings with the metal from your original wedding bands

Engagement Rings

  • incorporate the diamonds or gemstones from heirloom jewellery in your new engagement ring
  • or redesign your original engagement ring to make a new one
recycled yellow gold bezel set family ring with birthstones

Special Gifts

  • use materials from family jewellery to create a new special gift for a family member
  • or use the materials to create a special gift for yourself

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