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Reuse Old Jewellery

You’ve been meaning to do something with that old ring forever but,

where to start?

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Re-use your old jewellery.

Find out everything you need to know about re-using your old jewellery.


The benefits of re-using old jewellery:

The true value of jewellery is it’s sentimental value, that will be preserved.

It is the most environmentally friendly way to make jewellery since little or nothing will be taken from the earth.

You will receive cost savings because you will be using, at least in part, your own materials.

With reusing comes renewal, your new piece will start a new story with new energy.


I strongly believe in re-using old jewellery. Yes, it can be tricky and time consuming and there are some challenges involved. But isn’t it better to re-use something than take something else from the earth if we can avoid it? I know that the true value of my client’s treasures lies not in the monetary value but the sentimental value. I respect that value above all else and treat my client’s pieces with the attention and care they deserve.

Suzanne Crudden

Re-Using Jewellery: What does it cost?

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