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The Story of the Canine Cameo

The Story of the Canine Cameo
March 9, 2015 Suzanne Crudden

This is the story of how I came to make a canine or dog cameo pendant.

A client of mine bought one of my silhouette cameos for his aunt for Christmas. I had mentioned to him at the time that I can actually customize the cameos, making them into an image of a loved one, a beloved pop culture figure or anything at all really.

After Christmas she got in touch with me. Her newphew had told her how I could customize the pendant and she wanted to know if I could create one of her dog. One of her beautiful dogs, a Golden Retriever, was ailing and she wanted to know if I could create a silhouette cameo using the image of her pet. I have to admit that I’ve never made a canine cameo before and I asked if she could send me some images of her dog in profile. As it turned out she had a great profile image of her other dog in profile, a Rotweiller, but the image of her Golden wasn’t as distinct. So I made up a sketch of the Golden using the profile of the Rotweiller instead.


After I received approval from my client to go ahead I proceeded to making the cameo. First I made a mold based on my sketch. Then I prepared the silver and attached it to the mold. From here I placed it in the hydraulic press and pressed out the image. Finally I cut out the pendant, drilled a hole and attached it to the frame.

After I had finished I carefully wrapped up the pendant and sent it to my client via mail. Unfortunately some snow storms delayed its travels but I finally received a message from my client that it had arrived safely. I was so happy to hear that she loved it and that, even better, her gorgeous girl was still doing fine and not in any pain. It was such a privledge to create this special momento for my client. As a dog lover, this was truly a labour of love.

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